Do we need textbooks anymore?

Does it seem to you that technology is starting to take over our world? I feel like technology is starting to take over our world. Technology has been taking over almost everything we see from our cellphones to our cars. Eventually tablets and smartphones will start to replace our books. We have things such as ibooks, Kindle, and books you can read on amazon. My only concern is, Why haven’t the we adapted this type of technology to our school systems.

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Expect the Unexpected.

Please look this blog. It is from one of my favorite bloggers who is very talented and funny. You can see her sense of humor in this post. It is a love story about two people who fall in love over food, but did i mention there is a surprise ending?


It was a chilly, rainy evening when we first met. I had just gotten home from a vigorous day of school and was about ready to fall asleep in the car as I headed home. Despite my weariness, I could distinctly remember the moment we locked eyes from across the room. It was as if a magnet had just found its opposite polar half. We were instantly connected and I could feel my heart fill up with warmth. Our acquaintance was odd, like we had already known one another and were meeting up to chit chat over some coffee.

Walking into the toasty room, I go ahead and get myself seated. From the corner of my eye, I could see a lanky, round figure slowly walking towards me. I can see nothing more than a bright yellow core with a chiseled structure. Without a single thought, the word ‘handsome’ fell…

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High School Years

high-schoolI am going to start this off with a story, we have all met this guy or will soon meet this guy in our lives. He is the guy who lives in the past. He is  a man who could not seem to stop living in the past. He loved everything about himself and all the accomplishments he made in his life. He was the type of person repeat jokes that were only funny in the moment and he would only do this annoying thing of how successful he was in high school. Talk about living in the past. This can get really annoying, but lets not act like high school wasn’t some of the best 4 years in our lives. It was a magical time where were young and the stresses of life could not have even touched us. Continue reading

how to waste your time


This blog I am going to write is dedicated to all of the many things us procrastinators are good at. This could be a waste of time depending on your interest. I think that statement right there is the most important piece of advise I could give on procrastination. Basically in a nutshell, if what you are doing won’t interest you or contribute to your interest; you are wasting your time.


There are many things we do instead of what we should be doing. Many people in this generation waste a lot of time on their phones. Whether this is the use of addictive games, texting, calling people, or social media. All of these things really do waste your time and make your mind go to mush. I know a lot of people say that social media is “acceptable,” but it’s really not. It is horrifying. We think we are reading on twitter, Instagram, and texting but we aren’t formally written text. I mean most of us text like we talk so that means slang is thrown in which is not proper English. Also if you are like me there is a good chance you are just looking at pictures whiles you are on social media.


I always pout and dwell on a mistake I made, instead of making things better for myself and just moving on. That is a huge waste of time. MAJOR. I’ve noticed that when I pick myself up after I feel really bad about a mistake I tend to improve myself. You see a lot of successful people do this. I honestly think this is why Kobe Bryant and Micheal Jordan are the best basketball players to ever play the game. In major losses Bryant and Jordan both use their experiences as a learning tool, instead of crying about it like most NBA players. I’ve also noticed that most of the successful students I know have managed to move on from a failed test and do better than they originally did.

For my final statement I am going to rant about wasting your time with people who don’t really want to be with you to see you happy. I have had many people do this and seen many people waste their time with selfish people. This applies to any type of relationship, whether they are your friends, siblings, or any one that you date. You should never have anyone in your life that wants you to not be happy because they shouldn’t be relevant to you. I have seen many people try to be something they are not just to impress other people or get other’s approval. I love that there are people in this world who are willing to lose others especially if those people are the ones trying to bring them down. It takes a lot to be willing to drop people from your life for you to be happy, especially if they are close to you and say that they are looking out for you.

Slavery is still out there


I recently was reading the novel of Fredrick Douglas and it really made me think of slavery. So instead of my usual writing I’m going to speak out about modern day slavery. It is crazy to me to think that slavery still exist in the world. After reading the story of Fredrick Douglas, I really believed that people of our society would have moved away from these times. There are actually a lot of similarities of how slaves are treated from back in the days, however; there are some major differences.

Lets start with the similarities. I really did enjoy reading this book, but there was some really messed up things in the story. It is a very common trait for slaves to be beat and abused. As Fredrick Douglas describes how his aunt was abused in his book, “Before he commended whipping Aunt Hester, he took her into the kitchen stripping her from the neck to the waist…….” Modern day slaves are constantly physically abused and sexually abused by their masters. I recently read up on an article about nike sweat shops and it even states, “workers are routinely physically abused, mentally abused, and sexually abused.” Do you see a similarity here. Slaves are treated as if they are property, instead of human beings. No one should have to be beat or abused to do work. Especially if it is for free!! If anything it should be the other way around..


There are major differences in modern slavery and slavery from Mr.Douglas’s time.  The major difference that sticks out to me is that slaves get paid, and it is their choice to go into slavery. In this article I read it says, “… a typical person survives barely on $5 dollars a day.” I know that is barely anything to anyone, but it is $5.00 more than any salve got in the 1800’s. Most slaves get rewarded by being forced to drink and realizing how bad their life is. “For instance, the slaveholders not only like to see the slave drink of his own accord, but will adopt various plans to make him drunk.”- Fredrick Douglas. This is so cruel and evil once you think about it. The slave masters would trick their slaves into being drunk against their own. The slaves would get drunk and realize how terrible everything is and this brought pleasure to their owners. Their owners even bet on who gets drunk first. That is terrible. I am a little happy slaves get paid but there really shouldn’t be any slaves in this world.

Slavery is something that we, as humans, will never be able to ever to over come. Slavery has been through society ever sine the beginning of time. There is someone always smart enough to trick another man into doing his work for him for free. It is sad to see how people suffer from these things, but it seems like it is out of everyone’s control. There will aways be similarities and differences in modern-day salivary and slavery from the past.

What makes you hungry?



Do you ever wonder what it is that really makes you hungry? I’ve always thought it was smell thing, but I feel like your imagination has to do with it also. A perfect example of this is when you are imagining what to choose for dinner. You can imagine yourself eating that delicious meal. Normally when I am asked what do I want to dinner I get like this. For example if I wanted steak for dinner I wold imagine what it would taste like. I can imagine it now, just looking at the steak. It would be gleaming with perfection as the waiter brings it out to my table. The stripped grill marks to show it was just off the grill and the brilliance in how the chef arranges the dish so it is appealing to the eyes. I can imagine the aroma of the steak as my stomach rumbles because it knows what I am about to eat.  Then I take the first bite of the juicy, flavorful, savory steak. It is amazing how being able to imagine these types of things can persuade me to want to eat a certain type of food.

Making and preparing food is considered an art. The chef uses his plate as a canvas of flavors for your mouth. It is amazing how the chef uses sauce to not only please your sense of taste but also to please the sense of sight.  The colors on the dish can give away the flavors of this plate. For example, if you see a red that means you will be eating something spicy. Another example can be a white sauce showing that could be a creamy flavor. One if my biggest reasons for always like sushi is because of the way each dish is presented.

I actually am a believer in how can actually bring people together. Ever since I was kid, just like most families, its always been a tradition to eat dinner together as a family. I really think that sharing a meal with someone is one of the best things you can do to build the bond of trust. To me, sharing meal with someone and just telling each other about your days is one of the best experiences that you can have.  One of things that makes me and friends so close is the fact that we all go places to eat. Even though we see each other all the time, it is our time to catch up with each other´s lives.

Food is something to be enjoyed, but it is not normally enjoyed because of the experiences that linked with your meal. I do agree that what you eat can spark this wonderful experience, but at the same time having good food is not what makes it enjoyable. If that statement were true then you would see restaurants with people who only alone and just by them selves. To end off on that I leave you with video for a better explanation of how food can is what creates this community.

Helping Hands and Packaged Love

There are so many ways to help give back to your community. You could have a large sale, leave things (that are in good shape) outside for someone to give up, donate to a charity fund, or even make care packages. In the past few weeks I have been working with some of my friends to make care packages. That right. Care packages. These are not like your call of duty Care packages, they are more like for the homeless. We did a really good job for first timers on our packages. We put granola bars, a toothbrush kit, water, canned food, baby wipes, cereal, soaps, and a positive little note for motivation.

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Recently I have learned a new way to debate things. This way of debating is based off a method called the Brawl. The way this works is that we have to read the novel we are given and come up with questions based on the S.H.I.P method. This method helps us connect the book(topic) to the basis of our everyday lives. Now you are most likely thinking “Where is the BRAWL in this?” Well, after the questions are submitted the leader of the debate picks ten questions and every group has to answer one question. This adds more the element of surprise to the debate. Overall, this was a great way to get us involved to speak in debates. Continue reading